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Thread: Utd

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    When we play the top teams, how can we ever win if we sit back and are never on the ball.. all we do is allow them to attack, they are crap so it amounts to nothing, then we hoof the ball to woods and they win the ball back for them to build another attack... we must have had single didget possession in their half so far.

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    Then we score haha ...

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    2-0 to the Burnley!

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    Agree with the OP --we definitely need to play like United ---they can empty a stadium quicker so it makes it easier to get home!

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    God I'm happy. MOTD in 13 minutes!
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    Omg..what a performance from the super clarets.. Take that you scum utd.. Get in

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    Phooking fantastic result!

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    Amazing stuff.. Even Alto will be pleased with that..surely? Lol

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    I've been watching the Clarets since 1962 and I have to say that tonight was one of the best performances I have seen from my team.

    The only down side was that I was with the home supporters - I would love to have been in with our lads who were magnificent.

    Every player played like tigers and United were kept at arms length for the whole game. Two brilliant goals, everyone put in a superb performance and if these players keep on playing like this then none of them need replacing.

    Two monumental performances in four days. Hats off to Sean Dyche - yet again!

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    Just watched it again. A perfect away performance and to a man, the lads were brilliant!

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