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Thread: St.Mirren 0-0 Aberdeen

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    St.Mirren 0-0 Aberdeen

    Good result for us and it's "as you were" in terms of points and goal difference. Obviously it's a pity we couldn't find a winner yesterday but at least Aberdeen haven't gained anything on us so all in all, not a bad weekend.

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    Yes, a good result from us and a chance for Robinson to get a good look at the St Mirren line up.

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    Having watched St.Mirren v Aberdeen IMO if we can get a centre forward in before the end of transfer window, we will certainly do St.Mirren in the cup and could certainly finish 3rd in league ������

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    Yep - I'd have given long odds on our position being better now than at 7:45 on Wednesday so despite what concerns remain, very well done to all involved for a superb week.

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