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Thread: Transfer deadline thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarmbaggie View Post
    What I can’t understand is why are we just linked more and more with wingers!
    The last name I have seen is Atsu of Newcastle. If we are strong anywhere I would have thought it was wide players, numerically at least. What about defenders or someone to put the ball in the net?
    Strong on wingers?

    GD injured until don't know when, KE is s hit and MP is out of form and due an injury lay off.

    We have no left wing since this bad run started and a c rap right wing.

    We do need a striker and a ch too though.

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    We have also got Tulloch and Willock as cover and even Brunty showed he still can cover although admittedly played in the holding role at West Ham. Callum Robinson has been used regularly as a wide player at both Preston and Sheff U.

    Not saying we have depth and quality out wide but for me we have more pressing areas than just wingers. If we don’t improve the defence then we ain’t going to score enough goals each week to win matches. Rumours around about the Hull Polish winger, Atsu at Newcastle and a QPR wide man. Can any of them play full back? Where’s Pulis when you need him

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    Willock does not exist, it is a Jenkins tax dodge.

    I cannot believe after seeing KE erratic (at best) performances you can say Tulloch (who I rated since watching in the u23s) is going to be more consistent and can be relied on.

    It's going to be Grosicki for us unless he goes to forest last minute, and Atsu is the back up I would assume.

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    Please can we have Field and Leko back next season who are far better than many of the t w a t s we are playing or chasing at present.

    FFS......Field has a terrific passing range and Leko is still only 20.

    People treat him like he’s a 26 year old failure and forget he was 16 when he first played in the Prem for us.

    Does my f king head in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickd1961 View Post
    The “Champion's League” signings seem to be withering on the vine 😆😆😆
    Did we ever think we would pay £8-10 million, no chance, everything on the cheap as per usual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombers right foot View Post
    Did we ever think we would pay £8-10 million, no chance, everything on the cheap as per usual
    Such is the way nowadays that all business is done in the last 36 hours or thereabouts. You all know that.
    It is the way it is nowadays.
    Now calm down...we are going up weather you like it or not.
    So get use to it. As sure as BREXIT tomorrow...😂😂

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    You're absolutely right Dubs. We could end up with a nice little double at 11 p.m. tomorrow. Getting out of the EU and make a big signing.

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    mediocre business as usual, he wanted quality not quantity, think Bilic gets what he’s given. What ever happened to that prolific winger we had, millions wasted it’s depressing.

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    Can't help thinking that if we had won a few of the last 7 and still had 12-15 point gap then Jenkins would have released the purse strings a bit.

    But the jitters have set in and the cheque book slammed shut in case we don't make it.

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    Another midfielder on the way, Watford’s
    Domingos Quina, shouldn’t we be looking at defenders to add a bit of steel at the back.

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