It was when we finished 5th I think it was, and lost to Leicester in the playoff for the premiership. The following season we were rock bottom of what is now the championship, had kids in the team, and fired John Beck.

I know, we fired a genius, it was his fault we had children in the team.

The following season was worse. Then we lost the ground and ended up in non league. Anyway, we now face the same tragedy at the wrong end of div4. Is there a theme in there, a recurring nightmare?

This endless failure has a consistency, and United now have no assets. Incompetence does not explain it. We have been picked clean like a carcass in the desert. Oh, hang on, we do have one asset, the fans. Despite all the endless failure, there is a hard core. I cant take it anymore, but they can, and I respect that.

Deep down they expect things to get better, despite the evidence of the last 30 years. How long that will last I don't know, but failure cant go on forever without even them giving up. Or can it? Maybe people will still go without looking too deeply into it.

One way to change it is to say no more. This cant go on.