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Thread: Robinson and strikers

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    Robinson and strikers

    Has Robinson developed the yips on signing strikers? We joked previously his record at it was so bad he'd be better not bothering but I don't think anyone meant that as a serious suggestion...

    I appreciate we're doing well and caution rather than mistakes is welcome. The plan to spread goals around is clearly working.

    But still. It's now multiple transfer windows, we really can't find a number nine type player who can make our squad (immediately, not a project like Manzinga).

    If we secure the top four it will just be one of those quirks but it's beginning to get seriously odd.

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    We do not have an out and out goal threat which is now going to cost us big style. With Scott leaving and no natural centre forward in place. I can see us going out the cup next Saturday and then start to slip down the league. Wise football managers always strengthen your ream when you are going well don’t wait until you start to struggle. We should have pushed the boat out and bid for the guy at Dunfermline or Ikpeazu of Hearts. IMO they guy we signed on loan from Newcastle will take time to adapt and will struggle to score 8-10 goals in the rest oftheseason hope he proves me totally wrong ��

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    If Ikpeazu is the answer we're asking the wrong question... absolute dumpling.

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    He seems obsessed with signing players who "can play anywhere across the front three" in other words, wingers. He's been on charge for almost three years now and the only players you could describe as strikers that he's signed were Curtis Main, Conor Sammon and Danny Johnson, and none of them were the type of players you could rely on to get you goals. I don't understand why we brought in Ndjoli and Rolando, as neither are what we need.

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    One of them, knowing Scott, was leaving, would make sense and a back-up/upgrade on Long as the other as a proper striker.

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    We're well thought of in terms of scouting the lower leagues in England and collecting some gems. I can only surmise our network can't locate a decent number 9, or the brief from FP is actually not to do that?
    As for anyone suggesting the big Hearts player was an option ... seriously?! Any time I've saw him v Us all I hear are cries of "EE-AWW" !

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    Think the following post by Shaka on Steelmen Online worth being read/included this forum as agree ....

    Quote Originally Posted by shaka View Post
    Hull bid 750k apparently, we knocked it back and accepted 1m with a sell on, hardly double. The guy is a Scotland U21 regular, still had 2.5 years of his contract and is 19 and improving the more games he gets, and his scoring record? Isnt that bad considering he isnt a centre forward! He plays wide,is our out ball, has scored 4 or 5 goals this season and has set a few up too, considering we are hardly a free scoring team Id say thats ok.

    My main gripe was that there is no way on earth we would have got less than 1m for him in the Summer! So selling him now is essentially accepting the first half decent bid. We are 3rd in the table, have a good cup draw and a fantastic chance of getting Europe. But that could all be down the ****ter now. If the club had actually bothered to sign the striker/s that everyone but Steve Robinson can see we desperately needed, then selling Scott would have been dissappointing, but understandable to an extent. Instead we cash in on a quick buck and bring in a 24/25yo panic loan full back/winger who got dumped by Wycombe Wanderers 3 weeks ago.

    Our "Striking" options left are Long, Manzinga, Seedorf, McIver, Ilic & Hylton. Long cannot play up front on his own, but will work hard nontheless. Hylton looks decent in flashes, Seedorf, as much as I want him to succeed, is utter ****e and would struggle in the Highland League! Ilic & Manzinga have the jury well out, and McIver looks handy but very raw. We desperately needed at least 1 central striker, we got Ndjoli who is a winger and is apparently not even good enough to make yesterdays bench, and a last minute panic loan Lw/Lb. THATS why I said the Scott deal was Horse****!

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    I think you're overestimating Scott's contribution this season, but I agree about about our strking options or rather the lack of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellup4it View Post
    I think you're overestimating Scott's contribution this season, but I agree about about our strking options or rather the lack of them.
    Regardless ones opinion Scott's qualities or contriibution Scott was without question our 'out ball' from defence and more.
    Why sell him January as 2.5 yrs left his contract, wait until season over, secured 3rd and perhaps a higher transfer.
    Lets not forget Turnbull's value rocketed 3m within 4-6 months his appearances Jan'19 !

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    Scott has scored one more in the league this season than Hylton and Seedorf, and given his decision making probably set up fewer than the former.

    He's done his bit this season for sure but if we collapse in the months ahead and don't finish fourth it will not be because of his absence.

    As for the fee, to me it's fine - not great but not terrible. Given he could go either way, you can make the case for or against it as you like, I just don't understand anyone being so vehemently convinced either way, much like I don't get the extent of the reaction to yesterday's loss.

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