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Thread: Tony Watt signs...

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    Tony Watt signs...

    until the end of the season. Decent move for both parties I'd say.


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    Dec 2014
    If he could get around 6-10 goals for us could be the difference of being 3rd in the league, if he has the right attitude off and on the pitch his experience could be priceless to the younger players. COYW

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    We are desperately short up front and its a short term deal that suits both parties. Hopefully he's got a point to prove and can assist us in the process.

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    If he can screw the nut, get the head down and change his attitude he could be a cracking player. He has all the right attributes, He's strong and quick and can finish. It's just a question of getting his attitude sorted.

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    Ahem.....jurys out on this one... but probably worth a risk given our current options......he's surely got to realise he's running out of career options. All the above comments applied to Ross McCormack, after all they can not all bomb like that one.
    If he scores the winner at Hampden in May it'll prove to be a good signing.

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    When I heard at the start of the week he was training at FP I thought 'Get that waster out the door ASAP'! After watching Seedorf and Hylton on Wednesday night I'm now thinking FFS, he can't be any worse?! If willing to realise this is his last chance saloon it could work out for all concerned.
    Then again ... leopard change it spots springs to mind.

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    Things are desperate up front. In the circumstances I'm willing to accept this divisive waster, for now.

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