Unsurprising really - operation on his hip.

What is quite amazing is we are stil 2nd despite -

Foreshaw having missed 90% of the season
Tyler Roberts @ Douglas injury prone - contributed to about 10 games in total
Shackleton out injured for a good portion of the season
Pablo injured more than last season - and not looking anywhere near as productive.
Costa - far from the saviour we thought we had brought in.
Not playing Nketiah when Bamfords form went AWOL in October
A clown in goal since December
Phillips missing games due to his rash challenges - bookings/sending offs
Bamfords goal scoring contribution - over 100 chances, less than 40 on target, 12 goals - Dreadful stats for the lone striker role [As Ian Wright and others have pointed out]
Shocking refereeing decisions in most games - notably Fulham away, QPR away, Millewall - away,

I think it is a credit to Ayling, White, Cooper, Dallas, Phillips, Harrison, Hernandez, Shackleton, Klich & the other bit part subs that have overperformed overall to keep us in the hunt, given the shortfalls of the others.

And finally - A stuborn manager who has done wonders to transform the squads performances overall, and to bring back higher gates and higher expectations, but steadfastly refuses to make the changes needed to restore confidence.

But here's hoping for a decent end to the season.