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Thread: Added time

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    Added time

    Are there any league referees on this site or anybody explain how they tot up the added time. I believe they add something for substitutions, obviously injuries then a bit for time wasting but there must be some basic rules. Most games it mystifies me.

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    I remember Clive 'the book' Thomas blowing the FT whistle in a WC game just as Brazil were swinging in a corner which they scored but disallowed as Clive kept gesticulating to his watch. I dont think Ive ever seen that scenario since. The ref seems to allow a little bit extra for a resulting corner. throw in etc in which a goal could be scored.

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    They should either blow before the free kick/corner is taken or give it 20 seconds or so to develop. What Thomas did was ridiculous.

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    There was a game earlier in the season at the Hawthorns, I forget who we were playing, where the added time was 2 mins, yet during the 2nd half there was one injury that must have taken 2-3 minutes as well as at least 4 substitutions. The added time was completely wrong and frankly laughable. I never read anything about that decision anywhere. I imagine we must have won or more would have been said.

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    Injury time should be taken out of the hands of the match ref.

    A separate person in a booth should be assessing injury time and blow a hooter once the time is up.

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    I Thought it was 30 seconds for each sub

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