What's the best away day you have had following the toon

I can't choose between two

Grimsby to clinch promotion

Or Metz just do the overall lads week away
Prostitutes ( not me my mates first time ) , knicking the kebab skewer when told they weren't serving Geordies, everyone singing who ate all
The pies to a fat lass not in our end only for her to tell everyone to phuck off in a geordie accent

The singing in the square pre game

Thinking Metz was in the south of France
And only having shorts and t shirts for the trip
Only for it to be phecking cold and snowy
Having to sleep two nights in my Capri as me mate had booked the hotel

If you were there you would know
Fancy dress
Policeman getting knocked of his horse as we all plaid footy outside
And the points to take us up