Fellow Arabs.
After the success, and good fun, of last yearís Arabs Away book, Iím working on another title: Jim McLean Dundee United Legend. It is to pay tribute to Jim and recognise his incredible achievements.
It will carry tributes from the greats in the game, Jimís contemporaries, his players, and celeb United fans. The book will recognise the superb work of the statue steering committee, and Iím interviewing sculptor Alan Herriot, Smile writer Phil Differ, the lovely Lorraine, and Hooly.
Crucially I also have the backing of Jimís wife Doris, who has given me a lovely interview.
The book will contain never-before-seen photos of Jim.
Iíd like to open this to all United supporters. We should all pay tribute to Jim, recognising what he did for the club.
So Iíd like to invite every Arab to contribute a few words or a few sentences giving your opinion, your tribute to Jim McLean. It neednít be much, Indeed, if you just want to say: ďRespects to Jim, Joe Bloggs, Beechwood," then thatís fine.
Email your tribute to: jimbook@dctmedia.co.uk
Iím trying to create a little bit of history. A book that might be read in 50 or 100 yearsí time that will tell Arabs of the future exactly why there is a statue to this man. That will tell what people, ordinary fans, thought of one of the all-time great figures of Scottish football.
Please share this invitation with all and any Arabs you know.

Steve Finan