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Thread: Hosting the Bantams

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    Hosting the Bantams

    Do you like facts and figures. If so you can see a CU v Bradford City head to head in my charity website and then by clicking on the Facebook link.

    Enjoy the match.

    (Am visiting Cambridge tomorrow. Sadly, not for the football but a funeral)

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    I was interested in the link until I noticed that you've included Forest but not Notts County who I think you will find are a far superior club than that scruffy lot across the Trent,the City Ground is also based in Nottinghamshire not Nottingham so it should be removed from your site immediately or at the very least their location amended
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    Also, Carlisle doesn’t have a Peverill end, it’s the Peterill End, after the nearby river. It’s better-known as the Waterworks end though.

    Youngsters nowadays.

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    Where’s league one Rochdale eh?

    Ram your site!

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