when the toon played posh

we were allowed onto the team coach with terry mac and kk and the players as they were leaving

but where is the most unusual place you have met a toon player past or present

mine would be phillipe albert who was working on a veg stall on a market in belgium

i had my toon top on as we were on a stag do and baccy run

went to this stall in the market square to get some oranges and bannanas for energy

he served me and i wasnt taking much notice
when he said thats a great team you support
i had me head down and said something like yes cheers

when i looked up i went to pay him and thought i know you from somewhere
as i turned away my mate (also a toon fan suddenly realise it was him )
we had a rendition of the song and a quick chat and of we went

also met gerrard dupodou at the metz game
but he never played for us