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Thread: Dave Watson illness

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    Dave Watson illness

    Some sad news has just been reported - Dave Watson is believed to be suffering from the same type of dementia as Jeff Astle did. Just wishing all the best for Big Dave and his family. Definitely an all time Millers great, probably our best ever player

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    Sad news. I'd hadn't been going to Millmoor long before he joined us. 1st name on the teamsheet of any greatest 11 from my time 1965 to the present day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grist_To_The_Mill View Post
    Thanks for that link Grist. In one photo there he looks more like a boxer than a footballer. Best wishes to Dave and family. Certainly one of the best players I've seen in an RUFC shirt.

    This disease is exactly the reason many NFL players here are calling it a day at such a young age these days before they do too much damage to themselves and why most parents are refusing to put their kids into American football at school.

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    He was the only thing Tommy Doc did for us but Iím glad he did,sad news.All the best Dave Watson itís was a privilege to watch you at Millmoor.

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    Yes sad news. Dave was the greatest millers talent I have ever seen while watching the millers over 55 years. His class just stood out.

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    I agree. Been a Millers fan since early 1966 and I think Dave was the best player ever. He was a real talent and proved it in his career.

    I am so sorry to hear of this and my thoughts are with Dave & his family at this time.

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    No mention of us.
    Awful news for him and his family
    He needs to get on our centre circle to a standing ovation


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    Sad news. Probably my first hero as a Millers fan. Remember him moving from centre half to centre forward while with us. Imagine anyone doing that now.

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    A Warrior and hugely talented

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