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Thread: Sunday games

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    Sunday games

    It says a lot that Celtic can be as bad as they were today and the likely third best team in the country still can't take even a point off them.

    Anyway, fingers crossed their blue pals do the business as well later.

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    Rangers rather jammy in making it 2/2 for us.

    Killie 1-1 Hibs atm, that stays the same and we could hardly have picked three better results.

    Says a lot about our recent form that our best weekend in yonks is one we don't play!

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    We'll take it.

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    Hibs another fortunate winner to close up on us but on the other hand Killie hitting a bump not bad.

    All academic if we don't start taking care of our own business again ofc.

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    In part, Aberdeen put up a better fight against Celtic than we did, but a good result for us as was Livingston's loss. However Hibs and Livingston must both now fancy their chances of finishing above us and rightly so. We have to start picking up points again, irrespective of how well we play. That might not just require a modest change to personnel but also to our tactics and formation.

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    Be a tough ask right enough if we don't get our finger out. Has to start Tuesday night. Progress in The Cup could restart the form we'll need to achieve a top 4 finish.

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