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Thread: Honest answers only

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    Honest answers only

    Right here we go. There is supporter(s) of Ashley and Bruce on here and those of us that clearly are not. Honest answers to 2 questions.

    1. What has improved under Ashley's ownership at the club

    2. What has improved in the 7 months Bruce has been in charge.

    My honest answers. I cant think of one thing for both of them.

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    1) The resolute coming together of the majority of the fans, most being prepared to think and act in unison.

    2) See answer 1.

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    I can't really think of anything either.

    I'd actually really like to know if anyone can.

    This a good thread idea.

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    1) erm..... nothing.
    2) erm..... nothing.

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    Not a thing....

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    Ask the chuckle brothers, they'll find lots of pluses.

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    1) As said, absolutely nothing. Everything is worse...we've had two relegations, a succession of shite and embarrassing managers, the ground is in a poor state, fans are divided, revenue is down, the debt has increased, the football has been largely sht, the squad is piss poor, our one-time competitors are light years ahead, our overall standing in football has diminished, ambition is non-existent, hope has perished and we've become free-ticket-Mags.

    2) On the plus side, my climbing skills have improved massively since I stopped going to the games.
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    1/ the tea
    2/ the tea

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    1- fuuuck
    2- All

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    Absolutely nothing on both counts and the club debt has doubled

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