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    Quote Originally Posted by dasdeid View Post
    Frustrates me why Robinson brings in players NOT ready to play or perhaps injured. We need them to make immediate impact.
    Okay Sloth now gone but weeks/months elapsed before released having NEVER played but took Teneriffe. Cole took time to be match ready (?) and returned Jan'20 after short run of games. Ndjoli ... why did we bother bring in as season finished before loan over. Another is O'Hara .. looks good but rarely starts. Illic ... WTF ? Only Arrons appears worthwhile acquisition. Where do these guys come from .. a fat farm for the unfit ?

    We take them, try to improve them, use them to improve the team then sell them at a big profit. There's never a guarantee but Kipre, Moult, Heneghan, Johnson brought in almost 3 million. It's a fundamental part of the club finances. TV, gate money and Well Society money is not enough.

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    I understand the model like most do, and recognise we've made great transfer revenue from names mentioned in above post. However ... can only think our scouts have lost the plot in the past 6 months, or the 'gems' have really dried up.

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