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Thread: What would you rather have.

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    What would you rather have.

    I know it means nothing and nothing will change but would you rather have the club now,Ashley owned and in the Premier League or the Newcastle United of the 1980s. (Forget all about Keegan years as manager in between) What would your reasons for either be ?

    Personally give me the 80's over this sht any day. Granted we were not always in the top flight but the club had identity. It was the fans club. The board was shte but weren't taking money on the scale of Ashley.
    Going to games was full of enjoyment even if football always wasnt. Fans looked out for each other, always had a laugh. I was attending school at the time and matchdays, well put it this way my mind wasnt at school.Players, not all, lived amongst us all on normal streets and most had mortgages. Would have that club back in a heartbeat. Even the smell of pss from the Gallowgate bogs. Walking up them steps was magic.

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    I would rather return to the old days at least most of the players were genuine then and played for the shirt

    Football has changed so much its just a money spinner now with some owners putting money in and some taking too much out

    Not many players now care who they play for as long as the money is there. Our Club is just a stepping stone Club for players to showcase their talents to go onto better Premiership Clubs

    Unfortunately our side is pretty bare of talent

    Give me the old days any day

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    In some ways it's a tricky one.

    The only sense in which I miss the old ground is a nostalgic one. Leaving aside the safe standing debate, the stadium (imo) is such a better place to watch football these days. And my memories of football in the 80's are largely grim other than the Keegan years. Plus, I reckon if the game then had today's money in it then the board would have tried to take as much as Ashley does. Standing on an open terrace in the pissing rain while someone pissed down your leg and you're getting howked by some lower mid-table Division One team wasn't much fun either.

    But..for all the reasons Geordie and Terry said and for a load of my own....I'd take those days back in an instant.

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