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Thread: No big money takeover then....

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    No big money takeover then....

    QSI chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been charged with criminal offences in Switzerland and fans are fearful it could have an impact on a future takeover of Leeds United.

    Andrea Radrizzani and QSI have been in talks over a potential takeover of the club, with the Leeds owner saying investment from the group could propel the club into the same bracket as Man City.

    Guardian journalist David Conn has reported today that Al-Khelaifi has been charged wth giving ‘undue advantages’ to former FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke.

    Valcke has in turn been charged with ‘aggravated criminal mismanagement and accepting bribes’.

    Oh well - never mind

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    The last thing I want is to be in the same bracket as PSG and Man City....

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    Yeah..imagine winning all those cups..not for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev72 View Post
    Yeah..imagine winning all those cups..not for me.
    Ha ha

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    I would prefer to be owned by a Russian oligarch

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaldy View Post
    I would prefer to be owned by a Russian oligarch
    Kinky. 😲🤨

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    if we go up Rad wont be going anywhere, lets concentrate on that....

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    Lets just hope that our " bad patch " is behind us, & that we push on and get that second spot. Who knows what might happen with the QSI lot, but think one thing is certain, if promotion is missed again, 99 % certain Radz will go ( stated more than once ) and than any potential investors / takeovers, maybe much thinner on the ground, leaving the club vulnerable once again.
    Have made huge progress / stability under Radz - all that could change quickly if plan don't materialize.

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    whats this 2nd business? WBA are shighte also.Going up as champions.

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    Would rather go up "as is ", don't care if its 1st or second tbh, then at least we have done it under our own steam, so to speak. I agree with Bathlad, if we fail this time round however, the consequences will be much more serious than last season, the head of steam from every aspect is such that not getting promoted would set of an implosion (is that what a head of steam does?)

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