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Thread: another game another draw

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    another game another draw

    Well thats 4 pts dropped at home, doesn't look like that late surge for the playoffs will happen and to judge by the lack of posts on here nobodys bothered.

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    There was some great football at times and some terrific contributions from Rooney.
    Shinnie and Bird did a good job as CDMs, and we benefited from Rooney being further forward.
    Our game management is poor and that is down not just to the players on the pitch but Coco as well. I am not convinced yet.

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    A game of if only's for me

    If only we could cross a ball, if only we could stop a ball being crossed, if only we could clear a ball, if only we didn't play head tennis, if only we could find a derby player when we did, if only we didn't just lump the ball forward to no one, if only we didn't sit back for 15 mins after we scored, if only we could press and harry, if only we could retain the ball after a throw in, if only their under pressure goalie didn't have a worldy

    However for a team that was looking to go joint second I don't think they caused us much trouble, their keeper kept them in the game and it could have been at least 3 or 4 to us

    If only.....

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    A very intriguing game. One we could so easily have won despite only having 39% of the ball. They had the most recorded shots, 17 to our 14 but only 5 on target to our 7. Of their 5, the only one that was difficult for Hamer was the one that went in. Of our 7, two had absolutely no pace at all, the others required very good saves from Rodak who more than made amends for his 3 blunders against Barnsley. He was definitely their man of the match.

    I was impressed, overall, with our defending. That part of our game is improved with Davies there. On the other hand, we are hampered in our playing it out from the back by his being there. Their goal started with a poor clearance from Wisdom, a couple of good passes and a cross come in from their right and there is Mitrovic, stood in spce between Wisdom and Davies. Davies made a despairing dive to try to head the ball away but didn't get near it. I am not seeing the criticism (any criticism) aimed at Wiz for not clearing it better, nor at Fozzy for not stopping the cross nor at Davies for not being tight on Mitrovic. I can think of 3 other Rams defenders, 2 current and one very recent one, who would have been hammered on social media had they been the ones at "fault". When they had possession in attack we put together 2 banks of 4 which they, apart from the goal, never looked like breaching and it was the one time the back 4 weren't "at the races".

    Going forward we looked more dangerous than them. As I wrote earlier, apart from the goal they never looked like worrying Hamer.

    IMO we can look at this game as two points dropped rather than 1 point won.

    The ref? Confusing at times. Pulled Rams players up for next to nothing at times. Missed a blatant hand ball from them around the halfway line when only 4 or 5 yards away from the incident. I was pleased with the one assistant who pointed out the ref's faux pas with the "back pass" call. Fair play to the ref as well for accepting he was wrong and reversing the decision. Not the best we've had this season but not the worst either. I'd give him a 6 on that performance.

    Hamer - not worried by Fulham exvept for the goal
    Wisdom - had a very good game and will be unhappy with his involvement in their goal
    Davies - solid defensively, weaker going forward
    Clarke - another solid game for him. Nearly lost possession a couple of times but managed to come away with the ball
    Forsyth - a good game in which he stayed closer to their wide man and thereby helped reduce the number of crosses coming in
    Bird - conspicuous by his absence the opening 10 minutes ut from then on he played the DM role with an assurance of someone several years his senior and was oh so close to his first senior goal as well
    Shinnie - decent game but caught in possession a few time
    Knight - had a reasonable game but not up to the standards he set a few games ago
    Rooney - played the #10 role and was very good...... again
    Waghorn - another good shift at both ends of the park. Showed his recent improvement in first time control isn't a flash in the pan.
    Lawrence - what role did he play? I think he had been given a free role. He popped up wide right, wide left, central midfield, left back, right back....... cleared the stand with that early mis-hit but was quality for much of the game. One poor tackle that, to my surprise, didn't get a yellow. He's looking a real player again. 7 goals this season so far in 31 appearances but those came in just 5 games. His all round play, however, has increased significantly.

    I had the feeling we were playing 1-4-3-2 plus Lawro going wherever he wanted to. It seemed to work. I'd do it again, especially against a a team that plays the way Fulham do.

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    No disgrace in having the better of a draw against Fulham.

    Don’t think it’s that ‘nobody’s bothered’,’s just general resignation to the fact that the outcome of this season - and possibly to some extent next - is more likely to be defined by events off, rather than on, the pitch.

    As for the forum...sadly it’s showing all the signs of entering its death throes. Can’t remember the last time Andy posted...mista hasn’t been seen for weeks...not good...perhaps we all just need a fresh start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramAnag View Post
    No disgrace in having the better of a draw against Fulham.

    Donít think itís that Ďnobodyís botheredí, Swale...itís just general resignation to the fact that the outcome of this season - and possibly to some extent next - is more likely to be defined by events off, rather than on, the pitch.

    As for the forum...sadly itís showing all the signs of entering its death throes. Canít remember the last time Andy posted...mista hasnít been seen for weeks...not good...perhaps we all just need a fresh start.

    I wondered where the Mod had gone, to be fair people do have a life, so posting on here is not a priority. Mista's probably just having fun!

    I'm surprised that the Forum is still going, I do my best to drive you all off yet like **** you keep sticking! (ironic before someone blows a gasket!).

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    Personally, I enjoyed the match. Had to watch on the gogglebox and did so without any thoughts of the play-offs (which I wrote off a few weeks ago) or of relegation (I think we have more than enough quality to keep out of trouble even if the EFL get mardy) and found it quite entertaining. Some good play and goalmouth action from both sides with both going for the win right to the end.
    I miss the edge from going for promo but I see the basis of a developing young side mingled with a touch of experience. Deffo some progress!!

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