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Thread: Apart from these minor details everything is wonderful

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    Apart from these minor details everything is wonderful

    We were played off the pitch by quite an ordinary Southampton outfit so we can add today's debacle to our ever growing list of miserable hapless performances...No heart. No fight. No ability. No shape. No plan. No ideas Unable to string 2 passes together

    If by some fluke we stay up & up to press we donít deserve to. Ö.. I respect Smith but I don't think he's capable of organising a woodpeckers breakfast in Sherwood Forest

    There was some (Hoax) report that "Dean Smith and John Terry were involved in a huge bust up, in the Southampton tunnel shame the team failed to show some attitude/stomach for a fight on the pitch to be honest

    Anwar El Ghazi was replaced by Trezeguet in the 28th minute after El Ghazi received a life threatening slap to the cheek Villaís medical staff decided that the wingerís hair was far too dishevelled for him to continue.

    Its not all bad news of course because

    We did manage to maintain our impressive record of conceding 2 goals per match underpinned with 1 solitary attempt at Southamptonís goal

    If anyone can think of 3 poorer teams than this misfiring bunch of miss fits please send your
    answers on a postcard to the usual address

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    Sad but true mate.. bloody nightmare n when el gazhi went off it was a joke as he was hardly touched n imo like targett has done in past I think he was happy to go off knowing it was gonna be a tough afternoon.. no stomach for fight.

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    If we stay up it'll be at the expense of Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth/West Ham. The table won't lie at the end of the season... But if we are still up, it'll certainly be flattering us!

    I still don't understand Grealish being used out wide left. Samatta looks like he will score if you give him 3 chances... So just to to give him 3 flecking chances!

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    Don't we say the same things about just about every Villa manager ever? Are they all not up to the job, or is it the players? I don't think it's a management issue, and years of manager merry-go-rounds has taken us to this point anyway, why would another change in manager help?

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    It's a coaching and team selection/subs issue, at the start of the season we were getting into the lead but were unable to build or protect winning positions through naivety and arguably fitness. This could perhaps be defended to some extent with a whole new team getting to know each other's game, strengths and weaknesses but after 10-12 games with all of the stats/analysis/playback available a settled side should form.

    It took an age for Smith to change to a back 5 and still he persists with Luiz & Nakamba which leaves us so easy to play against and it's no surprise we are 20th in the league for shots conceded.

    Jack on the left isn't getting enough ball to Samatta who will quickly become frustrated, it also adds to why we are so exposed through the middle.

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    i've never seen players want to be taken off so many times in one season... both targett and el ghazi have showed no fight or spirit at times this season. something is not right behind the scenes, but i'm clueless as to what it is. Could do without the cup final, because win or lose its not going to change how shocking we have been in the league. i love this team, but something has gone awry... is it Dean Smith?

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