950 phild

870 Pugmitch

820 Albie blue

810 albion68

790 billsbest (CH)
790 TipperaryBaggie

770 Wbatilidie

740 Dubbag

730 soulman101

710 nilocrm

700 SwedishBaggie

690 boingy
690 Baggiemadguern
690 Baggieal

670 Prando (PL)

660 Q165

650 holmleighchris
650 saltnshake (PL)
650 Yarmbaggie (PL)
650 astle71

630 Barrera
630 Kettering_baggie

600 df46
600 Palmeras

570 WBA1955

550 Epsombaggie

430 Bombers right foot (PL)

400 stargazer1962

350 mickd1961

250 BaggieSingh


HIGHLIGHTS - Pug leads the chase as I slowly head off into the sunset. Still looking unpredictable as to who will finish in the Premier. tilidie and Dub are still knocking on the door with soulman now making a charge. All the current Prem players are all languishing in the nether regions, This Relegation Zone is getting nearer for some, time to get some inspiration. Reigning champ Bill is still making a play to retain his hard earned title. The wooden spoon could still be Micks or BSingh. Still plenty fixtures to go.

NEXT UP - It's a MIDWEEK DOUBLE featuring Albion at home to Preston on Tuesday 25th. The other game will be from the Champions League