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Thread: The NY Times view on the "Burnley Model".

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    1959_60's a Lib Dem sinkov. You have to allow for a fair bit of latitude!

    The word currently creeping out of Turf Moor is we are more than happy to spunk 20 million on one single player, but no-one's daft enough to bite our hand off! (Honestly, this is true!)

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    Aug 2004
    Yes, I'm proud to be a Lib Dem

    We deal with facts and not wild arsed speculation.

    Such as "Dyche will take over at Palace at the end of the season because Woy is jacking it in"

    (And for the last four years)..."Dyche is totally peed off at not being given enough spending money and will leave soon."

    Unless I see it on the BBC or in the Guardian * I will take statements like that with a shovelful of salt.

    *Not to be taken literally

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    "Yes, I'm proud to be a Lib Dem"

    Have you no shame man?

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