After another excellent result yesterday, they could have won it, it does get you thinking. This is the same team that have performed in the style of being on their knees, head down, and arms in the air. Bonner has been interviewed by the team, and they want him as manager.

If my memory serves, some of the more expensive players need their deals renewing, and Bonner might be the best way to get one. And those players are the ones who have let us down the most.

If Bonner gets the job, will we see the return of Stevenage at home, etc. The problem is that surrendering goes back a very long way. It is my view that we should start from scratch, after all, when I get in my car, I expect it to work, first time everytime.

Even if its minus 12, with a typhoon blowing, and its lashing down.

The other aspect is that if you haven't got talent, then nothing can be done. You are finished. If you put the effort in when you feel like it, then you should be shown the door.

If Bonner gets the job, is that being thrown to the wolves? Even if Warnock got the job, would his famous temper cause a stroke after another shameful outing?

The past is an indicator of the future, unless fundamental change happens, and humans only change in the face of an overwhelming crisis. Or when money is at stake, and change for monies sake is temporary.

There is a root at United that needs pulling and putting on the garden fire.

The good side is that they have shown that they can take direction, and perform, anything less now will expose them as fake, there is no going back. I don't envy the board in this decision, it has to be taken with regard to the characters on the playing side.

Can the board essentially turn down an acting manager with four wins and a good draw behind him? If we had appointed an expensive manager with a new coaching team, we would now be in seventh heaven with that track record.

Fascinating, isn't it.

Rear Admirer, I mean Admiral, Sir Percy Overton Samuel, of Dry Drayton.