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Thread: Frozen shoulder?

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    Frozen shoulder?

    Has anybody out there had this god awful affliction or know anything about it.

    If I forget and move my right arm outwards too high or too fast or try to swat a fly with a towel the pain is excruciating to the point of almost bringing me to tears.

    When it strikes itís about the most pain Iíve ever known.

    Had it for 7-8 weeks but itís getting no better by itself.

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    My wife had it - pretty awful pain by all accounts. She had to have an operation - pretty routine - completely cured it.

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    My sympathies mate. Not had it myself but just looked it up, as Ive often heard the term but wasn't aware of what it entails. The pain and stiffness can last anything up to 3 years, 3 years tho, good god - I thought my bout of sciatica was bad enough but that only lasted 3 months.

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    Had a convesation about this on Friday night.

    I did mine playing cricket about 15 years ago. A 15 year old was carting my bowling all over the place so I got mad and employed my effort ball. Haven't bowled a quick ball since, can't fully swing a golf club and can't serve overarm. Hurt a lot to start with now just a bit of a dull ache especially if I do a lot of DIY.

    I actually suspect some of mine is now mental rather than physical. Don't want to do anything that might wreck me shoulder at my age.

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    Iím not ashamed to say I was within 1% of actually crying at one point this afternoon.

    I can lift my grandson and shopping bags etc but any movements of the arm outwards and upwards quickly creates more pain Shan Iíve ever known.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickd1961 View Post
    I’m not ashamed to say I was within 1% of actually crying at one point this afternoon.

    I can lift my grandson and shopping bags etc but any movements of the arm outwards and upwards quickly creates more pain Shan I’ve ever known.
    Crikey Mick never got to that stage not because I'm tough but mine never hurt like that. There must be frozen shoulders and frozen shoulders and you've got a proper frozen shoulder. Ouch!

    Do you know the cause?

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    My father suffered with a frozen shoulder and what he did was to erect a pulley on the landing and stood in the hall. He gradually raised his arm a little more every time he used it. He did it regularly every day. It did actually work although it took quite a while.

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    I used to get that, brought on by either playing cricket or work (I was a builder) plastering was the main offender big sweeping action with a loaded hand hawk.

    Fortunately my doctor was in the cricket team and told me to use 'Brufen', not ibobrufen just straight forward Brufen. Worked for me.

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    Iíve had it, in my left and my right shoulder.

    Three phases: pain/frozen-immobile/recovery.

    A middle age thing apparenty, few really young and old get it.

    Normally takes 12-36 months to fully recover.

    I went to see a physiotherapist, who gave me special exercises to do. He also gave me cortison injections. My first, the left, healed in about 12 months, maybe a bit less. With the right I was really fortunate, it ĒskippedĒ the frozen phase, and healed in about 5-6 months. A very well aimed cortison injection (and a new type too) did the trick.

    So my advice would be to see a good physiotherapist, and also to get cortison injections in the shoulder (the trick is to hit the right spot apparently).

    Itís really a pain in the arse.

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    Had it for 20 years now Mick it's a ****. Had steroid injections to begin with, which worked initially but faded with time. They will not give me any more and insist on physio. I know people who get over it so good luck, with me it's down to cricket bowled to many overs can't even throw a stick for the dog. Hopefully should be just short term. Get well soon, cheers Albie.

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