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Thread: Why canít we kill teams off?

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    Why canít we kill teams off?

    Three times at least at home this season we have taken the lead and out played our opposition in the first half of the matches. In the second half we seem to totally switch off and end up losing 1-2 on each occasion Ross County, Accies and tonight games we should have won. Instead of talking nine points we have ended up with zilch. Very costly indeed It looks like it will be a hard task for us to secure a victory on our current performances. Only positive from tonightís game was to see David Turnbull back playing.

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    We're on the slippery slope, of that there's no doubt. From being in total control for 45 mins, we're then battered worse than Wilder was v Fury!
    Our midfield has all but vanished ... Polworth / Campbell being shadows compared to 3-4 months back. Putting Donnelly into a back 3 isn't a bad move IMO, but when O'Hara was taken off, why didn't Robinson move Donnelly to midfield and tinker with the defence, or bring on Grimshaw? Tait started decent, then reverts to type; selling himself on at least 3 one on one occasions. Watt seems a good addition (much to my surprise), but FFS, he must wonder what the fekk Hylton and Seedorf are doing in our team? As far as I can see, they're wage-wasters.

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