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Thread: Is Bonner really Jesus?

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    Is Bonner really Jesus?

    He has said that he would be happy with any role a United. He hasn't made a pitch for the job despite turning a team of hippos into racehorses. Most people in his position would make it clear he would want the job.

    There is the paradox approach, saying something like this would make it more likely he got the job. Or it could be genuine low self esteem, though I cant believe that.
    What is more likely is that he has cast the dice five times and come up with sixes four times, and a six and a five once.

    And a run like that cant possibly continue, averages say United will get beat saturday, and then start slipping towards the bottom of the table....again. If he is boss, he will be fired. Jez George had a similar approach, saying that if he became boss his time at the club was limited. Cant help mentioning the Man u money here, the two things go together.

    There is no doubt, as things stand, being manager of United is a part time position, in the sense that you will be full time for a while.
    If Bonner applies, he would become unemployed.

    Some managers have a golden touch , like Mourinho, no matter what everything works out ok. Some people walk into a casino with a tenner, and walk out rich.

    Maybe Bonner has the golden touch, it might be his destiny to reach the heights. If it was me, id go for it. I would actively seek the job. Even if I failed life goes on, playing safe is not an option.

    If I succeeded im made for life, a top job, England manager at the end.

    If you don't ask, you don't get. Is Bonner a footballing Jesus?, the way hes going we will never know.

    John the Baptist, of Chittering.

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    No, he’s just a very naughty boy.

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    Turns out he isn’t even a disciple.

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