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Thread: Oxford reject Blackpool's approach to sign Robinson

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    Oxford reject Blackpool's approach to sign Robinson

    Bit of a surprise this, suppose they thought that Robinson is pissed at Oxford for selling their top two players to Brentford and thereby ruining his and Oxford's attempts to gain promotion.

    Blackpool also rejected at attempting to sign Richie Wellens from Swindon, who by the way were quick to extend Wellens' contract. Hope TS is taking note of all of this.
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    Hes a tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yak View Post
    He’s a tool
    Yak, yes we know that and one Manager who I simply cannot stand. His last comments when we beat them at theirs said it all.

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    I thought the O/P title meant "Oxford reject Blackpool's approach to sin" - Robinson... because it is sort of the Sin City of the North ...
    and talking of which, the Pope has suggested today that people should give up putting lies, mistruths and scandalous gossip on the internet, for Lent... otherwise they will burn in Hell for eternity. Actually I made the last bit up... but it would cut down IBS's central heating bills
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    Closer to home for Robinson plus he gets to manage Grant Ward
    Candi floss and lots of drunken Jocks.
    I don't think Oxford have heard the last of this

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