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Thread: Hearts away - 7th March

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    Hearts away - 7th March

    Same again as mid-week but start .... Watt in for Hylton, Aarons on the left, Long on the right.
    Confident away win

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    A repeat of our vast visit will do nicely.

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    I wouldn't be averse to that change but think it'll be the same team.

    Would be happy with a point...first goal will be crucial.

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    Hylton!! Reminds me of a certain hotel chain with similar name ...
    - overpriced for what you get
    - all hype and no substance
    - not prepared to do the dirty work (rooms generally are bowwfing)
    - never scored in any of the rooms I've slept in despite paying 'bonus money'!
    - can always find a better substitute
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    It is indeed the same starting XI...Mugabi's back problem keeps him off the bench.

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