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Thread: Griff.

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    I know trying to communicate with you is a fruitless business, the best I can expect is a single word if anything at all. Will you get Kel sacked. How can a moderator be doing the stuff hes supposed to be eradicating. Here you are trying to keep things going while that nutter chases people away.

    I know you are monosyllabic, silent, and not totally in command of the English language but at least try and respond.

    I will understand if you don't. The battery hasn't recharged, or is likely too. My empaththic sorrow goes to you.

    Pietro of Udine.

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    Psaw, just leave him on that board to play on his own. Here is where the action is.

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    I think you are referring to Carlisle United. Action is not the word for it. Vomit, bacteria, phlegm, and a donkeys ars e is. Don't get upset, I am referring to Cambridge United as well.

    If you think of how football used to be, fast, exciting, physical, dramatic, compared to now.

    Todays game is like a computer printout, you get the same game over and over. Nothing happens till 20 minutes from the end, everything before is a cause of somnolence.

    There are few pots a goal, they tip tap the ball around, im sure even the players yawn. There is no aggression, yet these players made of tissue paper are almost constantly injured. Or at least Cambridge players are.

    Football isn't worth it anymore. The Cambridge board say they want a higher league placing or div 1 football, but they don't believe it, its too expensive. Im sure they think the club is just a communal gathering place for Cambridge people, not a football club, the football is incidental.

    They have said that on a number of occasions. The route to higher league football does not exist anymore. You, and me are stuck where we are for the duration. If you have hopes of becoming a championship team, don't.


    When success can be something all teams can achieve, that is sport. Carlisle should have a path to the Premiership. Fottball today is not sport, its a business. Im all but done.

    Christ on the Cross.

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