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Thread: Sorting out wage support for people.

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    Sorting out wage support for people.

    This is starting to wind me up now after what I thought was a good start by Sunak.

    My daughters boyfriend is a mechanic and has just left a very good and long term job at a main dealer to set up his own business.

    He now falls between the latest crack in the various mentioned scheme because he has no trading history or books to prove income which is understandable considering heís only been set up for a month.

    FFS......why are these people missing out?

    Surely his average wage packet from the last three years should be the measure and proof heís not a sponger!?

    Start a business,take a chance and get completely f hooked.......totally unfair!

    Iím not a genius but thereís a simple way of solving this to save people from penury......if they have a National Insurance number and have paid tax in the last three years and they can provide their bank account number online ( if not already on record ) EVERYBODY gets £500 a week paid into their account starting NOW!

    1/ Yes there will be abuse.

    2/ Yes much will go to undeserving cases.

    3/ yes there will inevitability be fraud.

    BUT..........99.9% of people will have money in their accounts on which to live and they can stay at home,stay healthy and feed their kids and the worry and stress melts away.

    All the s h I t and abuse can be tackled at a later date.

    Now is not the time for p I s s I n g about with the detail and minutiae of the money aspects.

    The spend is already so huge and beyond comprehension that the abuse such a system will receive isnít worth even worrying about at the moment.

    For Christís sake sort this out.

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    £500 a week Mick? I'll take that please. Can my wife have £500 as well?

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    I'll vote for that Mick. Beats my £570 per month state pension!

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