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Attention Sunderland fans
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Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 05:01

Games coming up

Is the midfield just lacking that win to make them click or is a 4-4-2 a must for a couple of games now?

Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 08:43

re: Games coming up

I'm starting to think that it almost doesn't matter what he tries, as long as he changes things around and throws players forwards. I wouldn't mind losing a game or two if I felt that at least we were trying to win them.

Currently, I see no direction of travel, so the cumulative draws and losses are starting to look like a heap of sh1t on my lawn, not the manure I need to get it to grow.

Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 15:02

re: Games coming up

I remember winning the league under mccarthey and being bored rigid by the football...the following season the chickens came home to roost.

At the moment Im bored by MON's football.
we have two wingers who should be allowed of the leash to put ball after ball in to a couple of forwards. They have 2 men on the goalscoring machine, and Sess isnt anywhere to be seen.

I dont want to watch us hold onto a 1-0 lead.

I understand what MON is saying...consolidate then improve. To be honest we have to thank Brucie...He did consolidate us. I just dont want ANOTHER 5 YEAR PLAN...we arent the mags.

Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 19:43

re: Games coming up

If you start off from the McCarthy time, then we have made huge steps forward. Keane did what was required to gain promotion, and prevent the usual immediate relegation.

With hindsight, some might say he overpaid, but when you remember, at the time, it wasn't massively inflated transfer fees. The PL world has got a lot meaner. Trying to shift the peripheral players for example, wages too high and next to nothing for fees, hence the loans.

Bruce, over the time, was a successful venture. Luckily he was sacked before he could completely compromise what he had achieved due to the lack of any ideas what to do next, except buy more players.

Many of his signings have turned out to be no better than useful squad players (Gardener,Vaughan, Larson, Elmo for example), and the £10m for Wickham, just goes to show he was looking for some kind of landmark signing to bolster a shaky position.

Our midfield still lacks a driving force (not Cattermole's style, and that is the biggest gap as far as I can see with the current squad, though there is something about the lack of fight as well. If Colback is going to get regular midfield slots, we haven't got enough creativity, and though he tries, he's never going to deliver regular goals.When you compare a similar player at Everton, Osman, he was a far more impactful player than Colback was at the same age.

Gardner, Vaughan, Larsson, Colback are all good yoyo club players. We should be looking for a higher proportion of better players.

I don't have a problem with MON's counter attacking approach, so long as he has the resources to deliver. It is clear that currently he does not, so he needs to try something different.

We may have increased the number of opportunities against Everton, but that is still woefully short for consistently good results in my opinion. It probably would have been a bad thing if we had won it, as most of the squad and management team would probably be thinking there is not much to do in January.

Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 19:48

re: Games coming up

Hopefully after December the conversation is about how MON knew what he was doing all along and the team is really coming together...

I hate hope XD

Posted Monday 12th Nov 2012 22:34

re: Games coming up

Its the hope I cant stand

but...its an easy one for norman! :?

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