View Full Version : Tickets for the final game of the season in the loddon suite

25-04-2014, 07:52 PM

Is anybody interested in buying two (adult) tickets for the loddon bar hospitality suite for the last game of the season against Burnley? I am led to believe the loddon bar is sold out for this game due to the possible importance of the match. They are A?95 for the pair to buy but I will accept A?70 for the pair (the same price as standard adult upper stand tickets). I am staying at the madejski stadium hotel on the day before the game so the tickets can be collected at the ground on the morning of the game at a time of your convenience. The only restrictions in the loddon suite are no team shirts or track suits.
jeans and trainers are fine according to the club so why not enjoy a beer and light snacks if you wish whilst watching the game. Anybody interested then please leave a message and I will give you my phone number to arrange collection on the morning of the game. Many thanks.

28-04-2014, 02:10 PM
Tickets now sold