View Full Version : Buzz off Scotland

14-09-2014, 03:17 PM
Buzz off Sotland.
If you don't want to be in the Union of the UK, if you don't want to co-operate with anybody else, if you want the freedom to pay full whack Uni Fees/Bills (as you charge already for our kids to go to your Unis)when your kids ***e south and us to refuse yer paper money on sight - then PLEASE - PLEASE - vote FOR Independence.

If you want to play hardball, so can we. All our Scottish mates will overnight be foreigners, needing to get their passport exchanged for a Scottish one. How many months or years is that going to take for starters?

Instead of the Edinburgh Festival we will just re-invent it at another venue in another town stuck up on a rock like Knaresborough or Cheddar; Scarborough, Buxton or Shaftesbury. Maybe even go the whole hog (manay) and hold it in a warmer climate with decent wine and call it the Montepulciano Festival.

Rangers/Celtic rumpusses will just be typical foreigners letting off steam in their own precocious way. Your oil will flow away in