View Full Version : Fear and loathing in Pyms Lane

17-02-2015, 12:53 PM
Was watching ITV's latest blockbuster (don't bother) Indian Summers.

In it, a lovely memsahib is met near the station by a handsome feller driving a rag-top Rolls Royce Silver Phantom.

One of only three in Simla, he boasts. 'All the way from Derbyshire'.


17-02-2015, 02:41 PM
I've moved this for the obvious 'non-football' reasons, but it's a good comment.
In the 20s RR cars had not been switched to 'Alex-land'.
I lived on the Indian sub-continent less than 30 years, a World War, Independence, Partition, and several bloody massacres from the time when the TV prog was set (1932).
I clearly remember the attitudes of the Europeans and Americans being almost exactly the same as depicted in Indian Summers.
Horrifying now, but largely accepted then - the late 1950s.
By then I'd already become an Alex fan - first game 1957!