View Full Version : Bryan King turns 70 on 18th April

08-03-2017, 02:03 PM
My name is Charlie, and my dad is Bryan King - this year on the 18th April Bryan "Kingy" turns 70 - and I am trying to put together a special present for him. He is a very hard man to buy presents for - so I have to really put my thinking cap on!!
This time around I am looking to put together a birthday messages DVD - and it will be made up of short video messages from people that want to contribute.

I have set up a special email, kingyis70@gmail.com and it's sole purpose is to receive the video messages sent by folk - this email address can be shared.

The aim is then to present the video to Dad on the 20th April when he is in the UK next as a surprise.

So I am wondering if - I can get your help in getting the message out there - inviting people that know him, worked with him, or watched him play to submit a short birthday greeting - a video no more than 15-20 seconds long - I am thinking a simple video shot on an iPhone or similar and sent over. If people would prefer to take a "selfie" holding a message then I can cut those in too.
If I get a great response - I will look to make it available through YouTube for example.

I will need a couple of weeks to put the end result together - so I am thinking of a deadline - of April 6th 2017