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04-11-2019, 08:51 PM
How much have you saved on the antiquated TV licence?.Since the day that Nick Robinson the then political editor of the EBC called Alex Salmond a liar i have refused to pay it.At this present time the bedsit has saved over 750,i have received one visit since 2014 by an Australian and a Pole to confirm that we do not watch any live or catch up TV.
I am very proud to say that in a map of the YUK,my country is in the red zone for failing to pay the licence fee.Its a FACT that the YES campaign never got fair media coverage during the referendum and the NO voters were lied to by the media,Gordon Brown,Willie FN Rennie,Ruth FN Davidson and David Cameron etc etc.
We were told the only way Scotland could keep its EU membership was to vote NO,it was a blatant lie,we were promised huge power in Hollyrood in the Daily Record/Gordon Brown led VOW,another FN lie.When a country votes 62% to remain in the EU and gets telt by Westminster and the Tories your leaving like it or not it really is time for change,FACT.

04-11-2019, 09:35 PM
I will give the English credit for one thing its all about sovereignty for them,we were telt we would be poorer independent and 55% of Scotland wanted to stay under the comfort blanket of the union.I knew my country would be less well off but it was all about sovereignty for me as well.
The English elite and millions of working class Labour voters in the north are screaming for their Brexit even if that means losing their jobs and the economy suffering they don't care they just want their freedom,that's fine by me and fair play to them for having the balls to do it however it is undemocratic that we have to go into oblivion with them.
I am willing to be less well off but i want sovereignty in return,i point blank refuse to be poorer at the behest of the English and the Welsh.
Thig Ar Latha.

09-11-2019, 07:55 AM
Only The Better Together mob can stop us, but I see yon Blair McDougall who ran it last time …..even he is not sure any more.

I forced myself to watch QT from Glasgow, and there was a sense that quite a few people have switched now.

They can only delay the inevitable now.

Chick A Saw
16-11-2019, 08:51 AM
Not a big fan of the polls they trot out in the run up to any election, but Yes was in the lead until the final days when Gordon Brown was trotted out to show his true Tory colours and changed the minds of those who were wavering!

This time, in a time where all sides are trying to enforce their will, the people have been asked by a Tory, who are now reluctant to release the results, which are reported to show 72% of us Scots want independence!

The time is now!