View Full Version : Peoples front of Judea.

27-03-2022, 10:58 AM
Had a wee look at the dee mad forum and was thinking they had loads of clubs/committees all wanting the same result but trying to get it in different ways. Starting to look like the scene from Life of Brian, with the Judean Peoples Front, the Peoples Front of Judea etc. Im trying to work out all the club acronyms they have, d4l, d4l trust, dsa, fps, ceo, md, jn, agm/q&a among others. All trying to get the same result but pulling different directions. Its great watching them implode. They do love an acronym, so here's a couple SRYB, FTD83.

Looks like the monorail has been scrapped and fans will have to use private/public transport to get to Nou Campy (NC)

08-05-2022, 02:19 AM

DYDB that's a good acronym too

08-05-2022, 02:21 AM
they are a club that will probably be dead in 2 years. I used to like the derbies but now would love them dead. doon specs an all