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Thread: Cairney

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    re: Cairney

    Quote Originally Posted by AucklandRover
    I honestly dont see anyone taking Rhodes . No one will pay the asking price . Anyone who has watched him will know he is a goal scorer and not much else . Although I do think he has improved as a player this season , still scoring goals and his hold up play and work rate has improved .
    If we were to get promoted and he is still scoring , then , he will be gone .
    I would think the club would be looking for a minimum of 12 million for him and I dont see that happening !
    I wouldn't totally discount it, though, Needle. You know what can happen: a PL manager near the relegation-places whose other or previous offers have been rejected, (but who is backed by a rich owner), can get desperate on the last day of the window and start flinging silly money about.
    If a club with an asset like Rhodes keeps its nerve and brushes off all approaches until the final countdown, windfalls can appear!

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    re: Cairney

    [quote="needle" ?????????????[/quote]

    Bowyer ain't said nowt, this has all come from the fragile mind of Saxo... I rest my case your honour.

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    re: Cairney

    I agree Aucks , if the right offer comes in he will go . I`m just saying I dont see anyone coming up with that offer !

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