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Thread: Heitinga

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    Hi all,

    Not posted for a while, Scotty apologises not kept up with the predictions, i must be bottom, but saying that I predicted all last season and probably finished last

    Reason for the post, Heitinga turning down WHUFC.

    PL wants experience (31) - can play centre half and Middle of Midfield, him and Vlaar in the Dutch squad.

    Stumping block maybe be wages?

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    re: Heitinga

    If he's cheap yes sign him up, he's 30, can play across the defence, has played for Ajax and Atletico Madrid, has over four years Premier League experience and has almost 90 caps for Holland.

    His contract runs out in the summer so should be quite cheap, we need a bit of experience in the back four so yes I would sign him.

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    re: Heitinga

    Be a good signing and I wouldn't have thought his wages would be too high.

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    re: Heitinga

    Might be a loan option if he's avail, with an option to buy if he comes up trumps, but presumably there's some good reasons why he was dropped by Moyes and not able to get back in under Martinez.

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