Anyone fancy trying to get a squad together for worldnet 2014? It is in Preston and the plan would be to stop over in Blackpool on the friday and saturday night to enjoy the nightlife! It is on the 18th to 20th July and the cost would be determined by how many are coming and how many want to be in the playing squad (it would be fine to just come along for the social and cheer us on).

With all that has happened I think it might be nice to get to worldnet again. It will be nice to just go along and have a laugh, meet some old faces and enjoy the tournament.

I would be up for it. If others are I will make a squad list here just like the golden old days!

1. Jebu
2. Dazza
3. Paul El
4. Ingham
5. Shaddy
6. Outram
7. Adis

Hoss (keeper)
Andy P
Andy Gilby


Sharpy (cornwall)
Jenksy (Stag do)
Lee Grist (South America!)