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Thread: Charity ride to Amsetrdam

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    Charity ride to Amsetrdam

    I keep seeing this promotion for Craig Berrisford's bike ride to Amsterdam for the Prostate Cancer charity.
    Do it! Give him some cash!
    I went on the justgiving website and almost immediately got a personal message of thanks from Craig.
    From nearly bitter experience Prostate Cancer is a life-changer even if it's not a killer. I got the all clear this year and the sense of relief is fantastic.

    If any blokes have got ideas of how Craig should spend his time in Amsterdam I am sure he'd appreciate a few pointers! They've got some museums and art *********, a nice flower market and a walk round the canals near the Central Station can be quite enlightening from my experience. ;-D - view external link

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    re: Charity ride to Amsetrdam

    Nice bar in Amsterdam called Cafe Belgique which is near to Dam Square.

    Quality bar for those who like all types of European beers.

    Highly recommend Kwak. - view external link

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    re: Charity ride to Amsetrdam

    Some very pleasant window shopping!!!

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