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    I know your not around a lot now and you was into your boxing and I came across this on twitter.we all know that there's drugs in the sport and many have failed tests and carried on.but this opens your eyes to exactly how corrupt the testing is in the world of boxing.
    It also gives you a big insight as to why mayweather and PAC man didn't fight sooner.
    What's your thoughts? - view external link

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    re: Romanis

    Can someone put this in the other business section?

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    I wonder what Romanis is up to these days?

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    Cross dressing

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    Yes I'm trying to discover my feminine side.

    But my wife cautions me about wearing dresses without shaving my legs!

    Am having a ball with my kids. My little girl has gained control of the laptop and downloaded like 200 games!
    My eldest daughter is getting married soon so we are spending as much time as a family with her until the wedding.

    As for Polish. I agree. Really sad about Ali's passing. I consider him the greatest even above Clough.
    Drugs yes but another thing is these sanctioning bodies. They like multiple belts and champions so they can get a huge cut by way of sanctioning fees.

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