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Thread: I see nowts changed then

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilg22 View Post
    What mods?? They have all left or only use this forum so they can post their own articles on news page, its pathetic and its the reason everyone stopped coming on here. Because people was put of that trolls could come on here, on a blatant wind up when ever they liked and not get banned for it. It led to loads of posts being hijacked for no reason and put people off bothering.
    The old mods want to piss off and replaced with new mods who can do the job instead and actually come on here, that way people might be tempted to come back. But until then this forum will remain to be a graveyard that used to be called a football forum.
    Puttin' yourself forward there Neil?

    Personally, I stopped visiting because moderating you lot is a thankless task. Every f*cking time I'd come on there would be some pedantic piss boring argument - Then everyone would start calling for people to be banned. And it was constant! The board would go into meltdown with spam threads, trolls or two old farts arguing.
    And sod constantly feeling like a baby sitter.

    I don't have the power to make anyone else a mod, or else I'd grant your wish.

    Hope everyone is well, managed to do 'alright' this season in the end.
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