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Thread: Job to end of season

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    Job to end of season

    That's the only sensible decision for Swann to make regarding Daws and Dawson. They have shown plenty of promise but let's not kid ourselves, until today they have had virtually a fully fit squad to play with. In October Mark Robins produced similar results but he couldn't cope once we lost a couple of players. Are Daws and Dawson the same? Most teams have a winning surge after a manager is replaced and five games is not enough to really know whether they can produce long term. They do however deserve the chance to show if they have what it takes.

    Not too impressed with Daws after match comments about the difficulty in preparation because they didn't know if the game was going ahead. That's really lame. Same for both teams for crying out loud.

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    re: Job to end of season

    A little homework would have showed that Fleetwood are well known for getting matches on when other, seemingly bigger clubs, just a few miles down the road from them, are having them called off. If they hadn't become so good at this, they would hardly get a game, because the weather in Fleetwood is notoriously lousy.

    A few changes in the starting line up would have helped today, with such quick turnarounds. What else is the point of having such a great squad as aluded to in an earlier interview?

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