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Thread: who are ya - mark 2

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    who are ya - mark 2

    Anyone who has been here a while will remember Whitepointer and Nufcnutter as 2 of the most popular board members and moderators we have ever known..Sadly neither whitepointer nor Nutter are still here, both taken well before their time should have been up. Nutter first, on 9th June 2007 at the age of 32, and Whitepointer on 19th August 2014 at the age of 42.

    Before NUFC Nutter became ill, he started the original “who are ya” thread that was so popular it amassed well over 400 posts. Unfortunately ,somewhere in the transition between forum hosts, the original disappeared.
    We have decided in their honour, and as a way to remember them both, to start this new thread with them being the 1st entries by proxy.

    Please add your own details , give as much or as little info as you like. feel free to add anything else that you think is interesting
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    Username: Whitepointer
    Real name: Neil
    Nicknames: Sharkygob
    Age: 42
    Where from: Hebburn
    Married/Partner: no
    Kids: no
    supports: NUFC
    Likes: surfin t'internet, big fish !
    Dislikes: people taking the mickey, being let down by others.

    Favourite phrase or saying:

    Favourite past players: Pedro, Sir Les and Big Al
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    Username: nufcnutter
    Real name: Dan
    Nicknames: “ karate kid” , “Danielson” , “ivorknackeroff”
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Social worker
    Where from: Cramlington/Bedlington/Ashington
    Married/Partner: Yes – To an American girl he met at Uni.
    Kids: 5 – including Shay Daniel who was born about 3 or 4 months after his death.
    Supports: NUFC and Scotland
    Likes: kids, his car, footie , helping others –backing local charities

    Favourite phrase or saying:
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    Username: Toonlegend
    Real name: June
    Nicknames: Joon, spoon, the auld witch
    Age: that would be telling – but old !
    Occupation: Tutor
    Where from: Gosforth,
    Married/Partner: Divorced
    Kids: 4 – 2 girls then 2 boys plus 4 grandchildren - 1 girl 3 boys
    Supports: NUFC
    Likes: sports of all kinds, music, Reading
    Dislikes: Judgemental people, people who belittle others. Cruelty and abuse

    Best football moment so far: A few contenders – but has to be the day they brought the Fairs Cup back to St. James’s Park

    favourite player - past: Jinky Jimmy Smith, nobby solano
    Favourite player - present: Andros Townsend

    Favourite phrase or saying: Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
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    template to copy and paste for your own use

    Real name:
    Where from:

    Best football moment so far:
    Favourite player(s) - past:
    Favourite player(s) - present:

    Favourite phrase or saying:

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    Username: Waalsendmick
    Real name: Mick
    Nicknames: Bessy
    Age: 44
    Occupation: Maintenance Technician (Nissan)
    Where from: wallsend
    Married/Partner: married (to a Scottish lassie)
    Kids: 2 boys (13 and 12)
    Supports: The Toon
    Likes: the toon, beer, holidays in florida.
    Dislikes: Derby days, SAFC, liars and cheats.

    Best football moment so far: when Rob Lee scored at wembley
    Favourite player(s) - past: pavel srnicek, keegan, beardsley, shearer
    Favourite player(s) - present: Mitro, Townsend, Mbemba

    Favourite phrase or saying: Dear Me!!!!

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    Real name:Trevor
    Occupation:IT maintenance electrician
    Where from:Forest Hall
    Married/Partner:Yes, 32 years this year
    Supports:The Toon
    Likes:My dogs (Boxers)
    Dislikes:Bullies, selfish people..................

    Favourite player(s) - past:Jinky Jimmy Smith, Bob Moncur, the Entertainers...............
    Favourite player(s) - present:

    Favourite phrase or saying: Don't lead me into temptation, just point me in the general direction and I will find my own way there.
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    Username: ghostrider
    Real name: Don Calvert
    Nicknames: one cal, after the drink but mainly Don.
    Age: 50 ish.
    Occupation: Partner of an innovation company. Semi retired.
    Where from: Trimdon station.
    Married/Partner: Yes
    Kids: Yes
    Supports: Newcastle United forever more.
    Likes: Laughing and joking. Friendly easy going people. And a million things more and then some.
    Dislikes: Real nasty people. Spiteful people. Turnip and parsnip, plus millions of other dislikes.

    Best football moment so far: The Shearer volley at home against Everton. One of many great moments.
    Favourite player(s) - past:Shearer, Albert, Beardsley, Asprilla, Ginola. Too many to actually mention.
    Favourite player(s) - present: Mbemba, Townsend, Elliot, Mitrovic.

    Favourite phrase or saying: It's easier to believe a lie than it is to be told the truth of that lie.

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    May 2006
    Username: Jammy89
    Real name: Jamie
    Nicknames: Shep, Shepshenko, Jam, Jamhead
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Librarian
    Where from: Oxfordshire
    Married/Partner: Yes
    Kids: No
    Supports: The Toon
    Likes: Reading, few pints with my friends
    Dislikes: most music the kids like these days, false friends, making pizzas

    Best football moment so far: The Duff equalizer first time in championship. I was with my dad a baggies fan and till that point he'd been unbearable
    Favourite player(s) - past: Shearer, Lee, Speed - always had a soft spot for Hislop to.
    Favourite player(s) - present: Dummett (don't know why, just like he always seems to try). Perez, Mitro & Elliott.

    Favourite phrase or saying: A true friend will be a friend in times of all kinds.

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    Username: nufc007
    Real name: Kev
    Nicknames: Blue
    Age: 56
    Occupation: Landscape Gardener
    Where from: Durham
    Married/Partner: Married
    Kids: 3 +3 grand kids
    Supports: Newcastle
    Likes: Beer, my wife my kids and my grand kids....and my job.
    Dislikes: pi55y lager, Tories, liars, back stabbers, right wing wa*kers, racism, 80s music, war, politicians....need I go on?

    Best football moment so far: Wedding day when I missed my reception to go and watch us beat Villa 3-1
    Favourite player(s) - past: Imre Varadi & Wyn Davies
    Favourite player(s) - present: None!

    Favourite phrase or saying: Embrace Solitude, defeat Loneliness!!

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