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Thread: What do Burnley need this summer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedonz View Post
    Attempt to edit thwarted due to 5 min time out.

    Meant to ask if Brighton stick to their 8 million valuation, should we pay so much for a player in last year of contract. We are well short of their valuation so hope this doesn't drag on 2- 3 weeks otherwise it could hamper player recruitment .

    I think this was the kind of scenario we were expecting, clubs over valuing and Burnley continuing their previous policy of paying as little as possible. Time to change with the times ?

    The issue of overvaluation was to be expected given the silly money Sky have thrown at the PL. To be as thrifty as possible is in Burnley managements DNA, understandably so, therein lies the caveat. In order to survive relegation next season Burnley must identify a number of additions that’ll give us the best chance of survival and, to use a baseball term….’step up to the plate’ and shell out whatever it takes to acquire the right players. Not that I condone getting taken to the cleaners, but management needs to get its ‘big boy pants on’ and show a little ambition, otherwise it’s back to the Championship lickety-split.

    Burnley being a ‘yo yo’ club may look good on the financial statements, however it doesn’t do much for the reputation. Being a middle of the table PL club isn’t out of the question if management have the gonads to achieve that goal.

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    The problem is the selling clubs realise we are minted.

    The good news is the "Keane transfer" possibility looks to have died a natural death. I now hope he gets stuck in, signs an extension and stays with us for the long run.

    Why is "thug" and Hendrick being mentioned in the same sentence?

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    Pending court case TEC

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    "Time to change with the times ?"

    Not for me. We are in the Premier League and the likes of Leicester, Iceland and Wales have shown us what the minnows can do with sufficient "heart".

    We have "heart" in Spades, so to speak and...

    In Sean Dyche we trust !

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    Not saying we should change totally with the times but didn't we do all that the last time .

    Having identified more quality this time I'm hoping we know when to move on if a deal isn't going to happen. Not sure that was always the case last time.

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    Been flitting over the Club Forums, those that have players that we're currently showing interest in.
    In general, they seem unhappy about losing their "prize players"....for such "lowly tightwad offers", not because "their player" is neccessarily worth any more, No... only because - "Burnley should be Shafted".
    The obvious reason being, for Burnley to pay what they aren't worth, just because we have the money, giving them the funds to bring in twice the player or more - for the same money.
    How roguish is that ?...makes it possible for them, a Championship secure players of higher quality than the one's they sold to us - in the Premiership ?

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