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Thread: Kerry and Goose?

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    Kerry and Goose?

    KERRY – sorry haven’t been on but thought I would leave it a week just in case Goose had got his weeks mixed up and was going to do a Prediction from this weekend, but it seems he is not going to be doing one and I must say I cannot blame him as I wouldn’t want the job!

    My health is going downhill and despite check after check after check the doctors are no nearer to what the problem is………………….ie this severe tiredness, so what with that and it still being raw with losing Daisy I just don’t seem to have the interest in anything at the moment.

    Maybe I will see you on TWTD as it seems people are deserting this site in droves (I see Nartch are struggling with people posting) – well I did tell Simon Boynton at Digital Sports who own the site that they had cocked it up, but he knew better – TW4T! So remind me again what your moniker is on TWTD? I am still Mick Mills Moustache on there and hope to do some posting on that, although sad to say I can’t help feeling that this is going to be yet another mediocre season!!

    And unless Goose does post, it looks like we will never know who actually won last season’s Prediction League as …………………………………..

    GOOSE – if you happen to read this………………….Kerry and I are still not sure who won as there was a mistake in the scoring of your final post.

    I presume you have had enough and I can’t blame you………………so thank you! For keeping it going for as long as you did – are you on TWTD?

    All the best to both of you and keep in touch on here if you have a care to as I will occasionally pop my head in.

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    Hi MMM good to hear from you but sorry you are not in good health I would think you would be feeling down after losing Daisy and find it difficult to motivate yourself that might be part of your problems I hope you are soon feeling better.

    I was also waiting for Goose to post and I didn't put anything about our matches as I thought you might not want to bother I also saw that the Norwich site was dead on the TWTD site I'm Westover I don't post on it very often it's not the same as this one used to be and I no longer get to hear the commentary that has finished so I just log on the chatroom.

    Things not looking good for the season Mick still putting square pegs in round holes and Wolves away and Norwich on Sunday oh dear :-(

    All the best to you and Goose.

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