Seems a shame that this site isn't getting any posts, so thought I'd put one on and hope for some others to do the same.

A dire first half was much the same as against Elgin, the only difference being that we were lucky to reach half time on level terms. Montrose had 3 or 4 near things but it took a minute or so before half time before the Montrose keeper had to make a save. Hardly a save really, he just caught the ball from a Skelly free kick. Montrose looked more like a side at the top end of the league than we did.

We improved in the second half and had a few near things but a draw was probably a fair result, we wouldn't have deserved to win it. Our usually reliable players had an off day and the man of the match was probably the Montrose keeper for some good saves from what had looked like certain goals, in the latter part of the second half.

Need a vast improvement next week if we are to take anything against an improving Edinburgh City side.