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Thread: Results (February 2017)

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    Results (February 2017)

    Well we are down to just 9 players this month and even Brin has jumped ship. I knew I should have called it a day at the end of last season but that's just because for the second month running I've been pipped by a single point, this time around by CasperFrank64 who picks up the win with 21pts and reserves his place in the playoffs. Just one chance left in March for someone to secure the eighth and final spot.

    February Results

    BramleyMiller58 10
    CAMiller 20
    redhouse 16
    LeedsMiller1989 14
    Adventus2012 16
    Monkey46 12
    mikemiller 10
    Casper64Frank 21
    Tenpast_Chelsea 10

    Average 14

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    Lucky Casper64Frank...

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