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Thread: Billy McNeill

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    Billy McNeill

    Sad to read about Billy's dementia. Too many people suffering from this and especially too many old football players. Really makes you wonder.

    I'd heard rumours about him suffering this before the confirmation I saw today.

    Best wishes to him & all who suffer from this awful condition.

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    Lot of stuff going about now about the effects of heading the ball... wonder if condition is more prevalent in defenders who you would think head the ball more, or taller players

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    Heartbreaking to see family, friends and heroes fighting illness, we always think they are invincible.

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    Check out Will Smith film Concusion about fight with NFL to recognise effects of American football in later life. Heroes cut down is something we have difficulty coping with

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    Just read that about Billy, a horrible illness, wish him all the best.

    Good to see this highlighted and good on Billy's wife Liz to give this the well deserved press it needs.
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    Yup, watched that recently, brilliant film.

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    Last game he played was against Airdrie I believe, lucky win in the cup final.

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    Terrible illness. I've close relatives that suffered from Dementia and others that died of Cancer and I found the Dementia the harder one to deal with tbh. They're there, but they're not there

    Best wishes to McNeill and his family during these troubled times

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